December 12, 2007

Update of UltraMixer Free

UltraMixer has been updated to version 2.1.3.

+new: synchronisation of filearchive groups (checks if there are new or missing file on hard disk)
+new: support of multiple sound devices with equal names
+new: support of individual selection of rows in filearchive table
+new: additional function in context menu in filearchive table "load into player1/2"
+new: lock filearchive tree (disable drag'n'drop)
+new: filearchive tree drag'n'drop: visualize drag over location
+new: Mixing-Session: extended csv export / custom columns
+new: remove any shortcut
+new: performance improvements in Filearchive
+new: Mac: Apple+left click support for context menus (right click replacement)
+new: right click context menu for copy&paste on text fields
+new: edit id3-tags of multiple files or complete groups
+new: led support for Behringer BCD3000
+new: highlight playing tracks in filearchive
+new: support for filenames with non ASCII letters (e.g. cyrillic file names)
+new: Mac: added AltiVec support for PPC plattforms
#changed: optimized levels (higher accuracy)
#changed: pitch/time switch
#changed: direct play button behaviour
-fixed: Drag'n'Drop issues in tree (UltraMixer now prevents drag'n'drop of a main group in a sub group)
-fixed: shortcuts not disabled when searching tracks (e.g.shift+M for a big "M" triggers mute on Player 2!)
-fixed: Behringer BCD2000/3000: wrong eq button order and led order
-fixed: Levels display only mono values
-fixed: Time stretching speed does not correspond to the correct speed percentage
-fixed: crash on newer flac files

1 comment:

SdC said...

This update seems to fix many problems of the previous version but..
what kind of sound device should I buy to use this soft ?
I have a Vaio and I'm a real hardware padawan!!!