January 02, 2008

TrakAxPC: The bootleg Machine! (BMZ Award 2008)

TrakAx.com provides with a free audio sequencer very user friendly and especially it can be used as a bootleg factory (mash up and bastard pop). Just grab some nice acapellas over the web and mix it very easily with tunes. The Audio software engine is quite powerfull so it is to grab the good tempo for your mix. Plus, you have also video editing and it's all f**kin' free!

Download here

- Easy drag-and-drop technology no special skills or technical expertise required.
- Professional beat matching technology, so all your mixes sound great first time, every time.
- Easily find and preview all media on your PC or laptop.
- Record in directly from your webcam or microphone for videocasts, podcasts or just for fun, to use in your mixes.
- Put samples to remix your favourite tracks. Use any combination of media—photos, videos and music.
- Add audio and video effects, change volume, pan and pitch envelopes on individual tracks.

BONUS:TraAx.com nicely provides you with 2 free packs of royalty-free loops to download here!

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