February 21, 2008

Free VST groovebox emulator

Do you remember old Roland MC-303 GrooveBox? C.Hackl has released GrooveBox, a free synth VSTi for Windows which simulate groovebox concept. It's quite easy to use and very unusual and interesting plugin. Note that this plugin has been made with Synthmaker.

Free download here


  • HighPowerOSC: 9 Wavetables, each with the same wave. With the Super Effect you can make an unison Detune.
  • Switch Area: Normally the Gate-sequencer is selected. Above the Gate-sequencer you have a selector where you can choose:
    • Gate Sequencer: 32 MIDI-Step-Sequencer.
    • Analyse: Normal Stereo Scope.
    • Custom Wave: Create your own waves with groundwaves.
    • MIDI Settings: 9 extra knobs for tuning the VST.
    • Enter Serial: For future protection (free for SM-Users).
  • MIDI Learn: On knobs where you can tune the audio out you just right-click and select the MIDI CC you want to have. The MIDI CC is also put out when you tune knob (MIDI out of VSTi).
  • Preset Manager: Reacts to Program Change.
  • 30 Presets.

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Anonymous said...

This is some junk that might damage your speakers. The man who made that intends to harm your computer... Beware and don't install this shit.