April 12, 2008

Trackers and mobility

Little GP Tracker

LittleGPTracker (a.k.a 'The piggy') is a music tracker optimised to run on portable game consoles. It is currently running on Game Park's GP2x but there's a version for windows & mac too.

It implements the user interface of littlesounddj, a very famous tracker for the Gameboy platform that has been tried and tested by many users over the years, leading to a little complex but yet extremely efficent way of working.

Piggy currently supports 8 monophonic 16Bit/44.1Khz stereo sample playback channels. Additionally, the program can drive MIDI instruments (with the gp32 and gp2x a custom MIDI interface is required).

All versions are available for free ; however, if you like the project and want to contribute, don't hesitate to do a small donation. If you'd like to see the piggy wiggling on your PSP, you can try donation too, DS users can forget about it, the console is not powerful enough to drive the piggy as is. The archive containing executables for all platforms is here:


Chibitracker (Source: Create Digital Music)

chibitracker While we’re having a Nintendo DS-laden week, I thought I might mention that I got tipped off (thanks, Laurence) that the popular, multi-platform tracker Chibitracker has made its way to the DS. Consider this a rumor posted in the hopes of prodding the developer to release the ROM file.

That said, readers, what’s your favorite tracker of choice — particularly when it comes to a “tracker to go” on your mobile device? (If I could get one running on Java, I could set up a Blackberry tracker — surely that friendly QWERTY keyboard could come in handy.)

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