May 03, 2008

Rhythmic Tangent - Free MultiFx Vst Plug-in

RT is a new multifx for use on Pc computers running Windows (RT is not available in any Mac formats unfortunately). It was made using SynthEdit and some 3rd party modules to keep the cpu down and the feature list up. Matias Monteagudo aka - Spyro, of Klanglabs teamed up with Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound to create this monster.

Rhythmic Tangent features :
1) a compressor,
2) a bit crusher (with special freq enhance mode to really zoom in the effect,
3) multiple effect routings, 4 to be exact, to run the effects in a couple of different ways to expand the presets functionality,
5) In/Out volume controls for easy on-board level control,
6) a dual tremolo effect (please see the .pdf manual for a full explanation of this effect),
7) the macro filter, along with an envelope follower and full featured LFO to go with it,
8) the filter gates effect (see manual for more info),
9) a phaser effect,
10) a simple but useful 3 band equalizer,
11) the delay gate effect, and finally,
12) a very feature packed ring modulator.

Currently RT can be had here.

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