August 18, 2008

iDrum for iPhone (3G/classic) or iPod Touch by iZotope

link here

iDrum is available in different editions that feature sounds in different musical styles.
Each edition includes 20 drum kits made up of dozens of patterns and samples!
Hip Hop Edition includes sounds from classic old school hip hop breaks to today’s crunkest beats.

Club Edition covers popular and underground styles like classic house, breaks and drum & bass as well as the hottest nu-electro, dance-rock and dubstep sounds.

Compatibility: Apple iPhone (original or 3G)Apple iPod touch
Ringtone Sync requires:
Host Computer (Mac OS X 10.4 or later Windows: XP, Vista)
iDrum Ringtone Sync software (free download)
Wi-Fi network to connect to computer
iTunes 7.7 or later
Price per edition: U$D 5.
(okay it's not free but it's mobile)

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