August 28, 2008

Seriously, do you want a lot of free samples!

Here is a nice link list to share (thanks to Die Theory from the potty board) with you where you can grab a lot of good free samples and packs.

It's quiet good stuff indeed. drum loops, fx, drum kits, house, vintage (SP-555, TR 808 TR 909 SH 101 TB 303 JUNO 106 JUPITER 8 ARP and more..) one shot vox, electro, hip-hop, 2-step, rnb, crunk and techno addicts will certainly find entertainement.

Just add some more in the comments if you want to share as well!

Achtung: Some links must be reshaped as I made a dirty cut&past from the board da2bb520dfa4 SampleSwap – both music and FX samples KillerBeats BBC collection –quite good ! Watch the categories date … Loopasonic – well organised site. Login (free) required. Tout Pour La Musique ! - Beats labelled with BPM but not style. 6022132&samplepack= – big collection, SEARCHABLE. Doru Malaia World – free sounds and useful links lists Superloops : check those crazy categories Mean Beat – click “Samples” Breakbeats – prof site with some freebies. ZeroMedia – Short hits & some loops NS Kit - acoustic drum kit and other instruments, high quality and mega MB Uni Of Iowa- ‘Classical’ instruments SonicHound - drums and synths samples Electronisounds – prof. Sample CD site with demo packs. Hollow Sun – vintage keyboard and synth sounds The Mod Archive – synthesiser focus. Loopmasters Doru Malaia World - samples, soundfonts and more Manytone Music - some drums and percussion Proloops - professional site with some free loops Cymbal samples ounds.php Classic drum machine samples Classic beatboxes (AKAI) Cellos Guitar samples R.A.W. - unusual instruments DMS free sound samples Studio 13 – ecelectic collection Pattern Based drums Loopmasters


Drums On Demand said...

Thanks for the free stuff! It's easy to find free stuff illegally, but legal free stuff is more rare, and good legal free stuff is even better. Thanks!

oozaK said...

Thanks, we try to do our best to get legal stuffs :-) Illegal stuffs are not fun to find ;-)