April 08, 2010

Hundreds of free samples in WAV from the best 80's and 90's drum machines!

Hundreds of free samples in WAV from the best 80's and 90's drum machines! (approx 100MB of free samples)! Note that the archive is in 7z format (you need 7zip freeware to unzip it! Don't worry it's ad/spyware free!)

List of the sampled drum machines!:

Acetone Rhythm-Ace
Acetone Rhythm-King
Acetone Rhythm-Master
Akai XR-10
Boss DR-110
Boss DR-110_
Boss DR-220
Boss DR-220A
Boss DR-220E
Boss DR-55
Boss DR-55_
Casio MT-18
Casio MT-500
Casio MT-800
Casio Rapman
Casio RZ-1
Casio SK-1
Cheetah MD-16
Cheetah SpecDrum
Daytone Drum-Synthe-RDS
DeepSky Drumbox
Electro Harmonix DRM-16
Electro-Harmonix DRM-15
Electro-Harmonix DRM-32
EMU E-Drum
Fricke MFB-301
Fricke MFB-501
Fricke MFB-512
Hammond Auto-Vari64
Hammond Rhythm2
Kawai ACR-20
Kawai R-100
Kawai R-50
Kawai R-50e
Kawai XD-5
Korg DDD-1
Korg DDM-110
Korg DDM-220
Korg KPR-77
Korg KR-55
Korg Minipops
Korg MP-7
Korg PR-77
Korg ProWave
Korg PSS-50
Korg SR-120
Linn Linndrum
Linn LM-1
Mattel Electronics Synsonics DRM
MXR 185
Rhodes Polaris
Roland CR-1000
Roland CR-78
Roland CR-8
Roland CR-8000
Roland DDR-30
Roland MC-303
Roland MT-32
Roland RhythmPlus PB-300
Roland SPD-8
Roland TR-33
Roland TR-505
Roland TR-505_
Roland TR-55
Roland TR-606
Roland TR-626
Roland TR-626_
Roland TR-66
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-707_
Roland TR-727
Roland TR-727_
Roland TR-77
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Roland TR-909_lofi
Sakata DPM48
Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
Sequential Circuits Studio-440
Sequential Circuits TOM
Serge Modular
Simmons SDS-1000
SoundMaster SR-88
SoundMaster Stix ST-305
Univox MR-12
Vermona DRM-1
Visco Space Drum
Watford-Electronics Rhythm-Generator
Wurlitzer Swinging-Rhythm
Yamaha DD-10
Yamaha MR-10
Yamaha RX-11
Yamaha RX-15
Yamaha RX-17
Yamaha RX-21
Yamaha RX-21_
Yamaha RX-21L
Yamaha RX-5
Yamaha TX-16W Typhoon-OS


Anonymous said...

worst quality on the net

Anonymous said...

worsr quality on the net