February 03, 2008

UltraMixer Free 2.2

Latest update of UltraMixer

News and improvements:

+ new: bpm calculation skips already calculated tracks
+ new: sample player shortcuts for slots 10-16
+ new: adjustable shortcut for preview player
+ new: silence detection: skips silent parts at the beginnung and at the end of a track
+ new: AutoDJ mode: resets crossfader if playlists are empty
+ new: "continuous play": continuous playing of a playlist of one player
+ new: adjustable reference value for volume normalization
+ new: writes replay gain values additionaly to id3 tag of mp3 files
+ new: Mini-Crossfader in Fading Panel between SoundPlayers
-fixed: doesn't log played tracks when track was started by cue point
- fixed: short freezes of user interface while loading the infopanel

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